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Syngonium podophyllum 'Red Spot'


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Scope of delivery Incl. Plantcare App and pot of your choice
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Size (incl. pot) 25cm
Plantcare Syggies leaves should be wiped damp regularly to maintain their luster and support photosynthesis.
Location & light He likes to stand in a bright or slightly shady place. Direct sunlight should be avoided!
Watering & humidity Syggie should be watered only with stale water, as he does not tolerate lime. He should be neither too wet nor too dry. Therefore, always water vigorously and then wait until the top layer of soil has dried.

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Syggie (Syngonium podophyllum 'Red Spot') originates from the forests of South America, where he lives in the undergrowth as a climbing plant - a feature that brings plenty of creative potential for his design in our homes: for example, he is perfect on a climbing support, as a relaxed hanging plant or to create a canopy. His intense pink leaves also provide a je ne sais quoi that will easily become the eye-catcher of any Urban Jungle.

All plants are potted for you by hand and with love. In a proper pot and with the best organic soil.

All of our plants are sustainable and designed to live long, healthy lives. We give you personal tips and tricks along your plant journey, so you can become a plant pro while you fill your home with green.

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