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Calathea Orbifolia


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Scope of delivery Incl. Plantcare App and pot of your choice
Delivery Packaging free, 1-2 business days
Size (incl. pot) 60-70cm
Plantcare Daily spraying and dusting of the leaves for high humidity and healthy growth!
Location & light Slightly shaded without direct sunlight.
Watering & humidity The soil should be moist throughout, but should be allowed to dry on the surface between waterings!

Pre-potted if desired and ready for your home

Carbon neutral and plastic free

Personal plantcare tips and reminders


Orlin (Calathea orbifolia) is an exotic beauty that is actually native to the jungles of Brazil. Accustomed to living in tropical conditions, he is a housemate that needs a little extra attention. It’s essential to ensure sufficient moisture in the soil and in the indoor climate so that Orlin doesn’t lose his streaky complexion. Plants are living creatures and can therefore differ in shape from the product picture, the size always corresponds to the specification. The pot colour may also differ slightly from the product image, as our pots are made of natural materials and each pot is unique.

All plants are potted for you by hand and with love. In a proper pot and with the best organic soil.

All of our plants are sustainable and designed to live long, healthy lives. We give you personal tips and tricks along your plant journey, so you can become a plant pro while you fill your home with green.

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