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Philodendron scandens 'Micans'


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Scope of delivery Incl. Plantcare App and pot of your choice
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Size (incl. pot) 25cm
Plantcare Spray regularly for high humidity and healthy growth!
Location & light Bright to semi-shady place, direct sunlight should be avoided!
Watering & humidity The soil can dry out before the next watering. Waterlogging is a no-go.

Pre-potted if desired and ready for your home

Carbon neutral and plastic free

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Mica (Philodendron Scandens 'Micans') is a climbing artist from the tropical forests of Central and South America. Therefore, she shines especially on a hanging basket with its climbing skills and rapidly climbs wall gratings and moss poles. With optimal care, Mica thrives magnificently and is ideal for propagation through cuttings. As a slightly poisonous companion, Mica should not be placed in the vicinity of children or pets.

All plants are potted for you by hand and with love. In a proper pot and with the best organic soil.

All of our plants are sustainable and designed to live long, healthy lives. We give you personal tips and tricks along your plant journey, so you can become a plant pro while you fill your home with green.

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