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Curls and Stripes Box

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A botanical quartet of plants that catch the eye with their striking leaves and visually enhance any room.

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Size (incl. pot) 25-75cm
Difficulty für Pflanzenexperten geeignet
Care effort Hoch
Animal friendly Yes
Air purifying Medium

Pre-potted if desired and ready for your home

Carbon neutral and plastic free

Personal plantcare tips and reminders


All four plants are characterised by the uniqueness of their leaf pattern or shape. At the same time, they all thrive excellently outside the headlight, making them perfect for homes that have to do without bright sunlight. With the exception of Gertrud, they are also all highly thirsty plants: Locky and Orlin are particularly fond of slightly moist roots and Mulan sometimes needs to be watered on a regularly (especially in summer). Gertrud, on the other hand, is very frugal and an absolutely low-maintenance co-inhabitant.

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Baby Orlin

All of our plants are sustainable and designed to live long, healthy lives. We give you personal tips and tricks along your plant journey, so you can become a plant pro while you fill your home with green.

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