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Long-living plants for a mindful home.

Struggle to keep plants alive? You’re not the only one. These days, many plants are designed to die so you keep returning to buy more. Pretty sneaky.

The result? A lot of waste and discouraged plant parents who blame themselves.

Bosque is an online plant store that takes a whole new approach.

All of our plants are sustainable and designed to live long, healthy lives. We give you personal tips and tricks along your plant journey, so you can become a plant pro while you fill your home with green.

We believe that plants help you live a more mindful lifestyle. Science backs us up, too: Studies show that plants have the power to ease stress, improve your mood, and increase creativity. Plus, they just make our homes look better! Our mission is to bring that mindfulness into every home.

Now that you’re here, feel free to look around. We have plants for just about anyone (Really. Check out our Unkillable Plant Box).

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