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Put together your individual Plant-Box, consisting of 3 to 5 unique plants. So that all the effort is worthwhile for you, you save 10% on the unit price for 3 plants, 15% for 4 plants and 20% for 5 plants.

Your potential roommates are planted in the pot of your choice and placed in a stylish box at your home.

The Plants

Most plants are destined to let us down after a short time due to their cultivation. An entire industry acts according to the motto „The faster the plants die, the faster we sell new ones!“ We put a stop to that.

We source healthy and sustainably grown plants. Not always flawless but the more beautiful.

The Delivery

We do the work: cleaning the plants, finding suitable soil, potting, delivering and carrying the stairs up. By hand and with heart, each plant is potted for you and delivered personally within the agreed time frame.

We deliver completely free of packaging and only on time, so that your green friends don't die of thirst in the depot.

The Care

Where the normal plant seller stops, we start. We'll take you by the hand on your mobile phone, send you tips and reminders and also help you to quickly heal ailments. In addition: Our video tutorials will turn you into a Plant-Pro in no time at all.

We are the gardeners in your pocket, your remote plant experts or simply your personal green thumb.

Let's go

Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to complete climate neutrality by the end of 2020.

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