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Erdmute (Tropic)

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With a primordial motherly embrace she nestles around the roots of your green darlings and lays the foundation for their nutrient-rich diet. In doing so, Erdmute completely dispenses with peat, a substance that occurs in most commercially available potting soils, but which has fallen into disrepute on several levels at once: peat is mined in swamps that have formed over thousands of years and created their own ecosystem. They store enormous amounts of CO2, which are released during the mining process. At the same time, the swampy soil is often enriched with sulphur and therefore too acidic for plants from tropical regions. So help the environment on a large and small scale and reach for earth mute, our organic soil, which is composed of wood fibre, bark humus, green compost, guano from seabirds and at the same time pampers your plants. Capacity: 5l


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